Behind Fiore Blue

Dear Friends,

Introducing Fiore Blue.

My name is Yasmine Sterckx, I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Antwerp and I am the creator of the brand 'Fiore Blue'.

Before this brand came to be, it was a long way before I accomplished what I loved to do, which is dressing people beautifully, confidently and elegantly.

The fact that I design and fabricate the collection myself gives me satisfaction and an energy that I love to share with others.

In my teenage years I worked for Hugo Boss and that is where my love and desire for fashion took off and blossomed. Combining beautiful items and sustainable fabrics that feel pleasant to the skin all day long was something thI strived to achieve.


I was curious for more...     

I entered the St Ludgardis secondary school in Antwerp This was one of the most interesting and inspiring adventures of my life. Meeting talented professors and motivated students, we always collaborated with a lot of love and enthusiasm for designing. That's something I have fond memories of.




After that I did something completely different. A good friend of mine has a trendy street food restaurant in the southern part of Antwerp called Sum Sum. I joined the as a business manager to embark on this adventure together. This is where I learned what it takes to run a successful restaurant. Managing people, teamwork and perseverance. Several qualities that could lead to succes regardless of business. 




After a few years when the Coronavirus turned everything upside down for everyone. This was the perfect opportunity for me to do that which I've always loved and take the plunge into the unknown. The time had come to follow my heart and during the lockdown I worked hard and created my own brand 'Fiore Blue'. A clothing line for every contemporary woman interested in wearing affordable and durable clothing.

Those who are future-oriented and are connected with nature.

Our goal is to produce all products with all natural fabrics and aim to be 100% eco-neutral by 2025.

I hope to inspire people with this philosophy and doing this brings me a feeling of happiness.

I would also like to thank all my followers.

Much love, Yasmine.